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Somerset is a fresh alternative to the plain old card game.

Somerset is played by bidding, taking tricks, and making sure you get the points and your opponent loses out. This card game requires you to take risks; but take too many and, “Some are set”. Somerset is also known as Some-R-Set or Som’R’Set. Read on to discover more about this fun, trick taking card game.

Originally invented as Single Somerset, the game evolved into Double Somerset and now Triple Somerset; each variation allowing more players and teams to play the game at one time.

History of Somerset

The game of Single Somerset was invented in 1903 by Arthur J. Hodges. At that time the game consisted of 28 somerset cards. In 1913, Hodges extended the game to include 50 somerset cards and called it Double Somerset. In 2009, Jerry Childs of Ludington, Michigan created a variation called Triple Somerset. Triple Somerset has 92 cards and is designed for 6-8 players.
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How to Play Somerset

The object of Somerset is to take tricks and count cards. A total of 24 points may be scored in each deal of the four-handed version of the card game.
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